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Before discussing the Serge Ibaka’s assualt on Blake Griffin’s private parts, I will disclose my bias.  Yes, I am a Clipper fan.  In fact, I was even a Buffalo Braves fan (where the franchise began) during their brief moment in the sun in the mid-1970’s with Bob McAdoo and Rookie of the Year Ernie Diegregorio.


If you watch the replay of the incident, it is clear that Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka intended to and succeeded in delivering some testicular thunder to Clipper star forward Blake Griffin.  It was clearly intentional as he made a fist and did not even look up to see where the basketball was until after he was mid-punch.  Ibaka should have been ejected from the game, fined and suspended.  Not only was he not ejected, but the NBA front office decided not to suspend Ibaka at all.


I guess…

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