Making Sense of the NBA’s Rejection of the Kings’ Sale

The NBA’s decision to reject the sale of the Kings to Seattle investors makes very little sense to me, particularly when viewed in the context of the league supporting the move of the Sonics to Oklahoma City.  Nonetheless, hats off to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson for the biggest steal of his career.

Full disclosure – I am neither a King nor Sonics fan.  Although, I must confess that the only person from my high school to play in the NBA (Joe Hassett) played on the Seattle 1979 Championship team; but at the same time, being from Southern California we do feel a small tinge of guilt for having stolen the Kings only and best chance at an NBA title with Robert Horry’s miracle shot.

To me the lopsided vote against the sale seems like an inside job.  I suspect that the Relocation Committee, chaired by Thunder owner Clay Bennett, viewed approval of the Seattle transaction as implicitly questioning the wisdom of Bennett’s theft of the team in 2008 and a rebuke to Commissioner Stern in the final year of his tenure.  In other words, politics prevailed.  In the bigger scheme of things, I would have preferred to have avoided the relocation of the Sonics to OKC, but that train has left the station.  Absent any plans for expansion, it makes more sense for the league to have a team in Seattle.

Either way Seattle got screwed again, which is why I recommend watching Sonicsgate since if this can happen to a major league city like Seattle — then it can happen to your team too.



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