ProHoopsHistory HOF: Kevin McHale

With Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers in part to learn from Rocket’s Head Coach Kevin McHale, this is a very timely post.

Pro Hoops History

Kevin McHale

Awkward as hell, Kevin McHale possessed more post moves than meal options at the Golden Corral. Fortunately, his moves are far more delectable than anything available at that family-style buffet.

The gangly-armed, coat-hanger shouldered McHale beguiled defenses for a dozen years in the NBA. He could hit face up jumpers. He’d hit impossible to block turn around fade aways. He could swing hook shots. He had a twirling spin move. He could swoop up and then under for scoop shots. And his footwork,  my God, his footwork. Just when you thought you had McHale pinned, it turned out that you were the person in an untenable position.

He just wouldn’t make seemingly impossible shots on occasion, he did it with regularity. In 1987, he averaged a career-high 26.1 points per game. That same season he also shot a career-high 60.4% from the field.

For such a terrific player, McHale only…

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