ProHoopsHistory HOF: Bill Walton

Pro Hoops History

Bill Walton

When speaking, writing, or thinking about Bill Walton, in a pure basketball sense, the first thing that comes to mind is injury. Seemingly unrelenting injury. The pain he suffered and the games he missed are staggering.

During a career that lasted from the 1974-75 season until the 1986-87 season, Walton conceivably could have played 1066 games. In actuality he played in just 468. He missed the entirety of three seasons, played less than 41 games in four more, and from March 1978 through March 1983, he played in a grand total of 47 games. By Walton’s own estimation, he has endured 36 orthopedic surgeries throughout his life.

So bearing all that in mind, Bill Walton’s triumphs are still something that few players can claim to have conjured in their imaginations, let alone actually achieved.

He’s been the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, a Finals MVP, Sixth Man of the Year, a…

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