USA Wins 5th Gold Cup

The US Men’s National Team (MNT) beat Panama yesterday 1-0 to win its Fifth CONCACAF Gold Cup unbeaten or tied.  In six matches the US outscored its opponents 20-4.

They have won a US record 11 straight since losing to Belgium 4-2 in May.


CONCACAF is the continental governing body for association football in North AmericaCentral America and theCaribbean. Three South American entities, the independent nations ofGuyana and Suriname and the French department of French Guiana, are also members.[3]

CONCACAF was founded in its current form on 18 September 1961 inMexico CityMexico by the fusion of the NAFC and the CCCF, and it became one of the six continental confederations affiliated with FIFA. Its primary administrative functions are to organize competitions for national teams and clubs, and to conduct World Cup qualifying tournaments

What is CONCACAF Gold Cup?

The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the national team championship for the confederation and is its premier event. It evolved from a series of tournaments in the region dating back to 1941 through the late 1980s, until it assumed its current format in 1991.

Initially an eight-team competition, the Gold Cup finals have grown into a 12-nation competition with countries qualifying from each of CONCACAF’s three sub-regions: North America (three automatic entrants), Central America (five qualifiers through the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana) and the Caribbean (four qualifiers through the Caribbean Cup).

Taking place every two years, the Gold Cup has attained exceptional levels of popularity, routinely drawing capacity crowds and millions of TV viewers throughout the world.

The Gold Cup has been contested on 11 previous occasions. Mexico owns a tournament-record six titles, followed by the United States with four and Canada with one.

Year/Año          Champion/Campeón                  Runner-up/Subcampeón            Result/Resultado

1991                 USA                                         Honduras                                  0-0 (4-3 pen)

1993                 Mexico                                     USA                                         4-0

1996                 Mexico                                     Brazil                                        2-0

1998                 Mexico                                     USA                                         1-0

2000                 Canada                                     Colombia                                  2-0

2002                 USA                                         Costa Rica                                2-0

2003                 Mexico                                     Brazil                                        1-0 aet

2005                 USA                                         Panama                                    0-0 (3-1 pen)

2007                 USA                                         Mexico                                     2-1

2009                 Mexico                                     USA                                         5-0

2011                 Mexico                                     USA                                         4-2

Why Is This Win Important

The USMNT had won three of four Gold Cups from 2002-2007 only to be humiliated in the finals by Mexico in the next two Gold Cups losing 5-0 in 2009 and blowing a 2-0 lead to lose 4-2 in 2011 (including a humiliating final goal by dos Santos in which he single handled got past half the US team).

That performance led to the firing of the coach Bradley and under the new coach Jurgen Klinnsmen the US has blazed through Gold Cup and is enjoying its longest winning streak – EVER.

Congratulations lads!



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