ProHoopsHistory HOF: Dominique Wilkins

Pro Hoops History


Few, if any players, ever threw down a dunk as fiercely as Dominique Wilkins.

To begin any discussion with ‘Nique in any other fashion is impossible. His dunks were just so explosive, so ferocious, so awe-inspiring, you can’t properly think of anything else when you first think of him. The violent windmills, the sledgehammer slams, the dynamite dunks, it’s all too much for any other first impression to find a way into your head.

Those spectacular dunks made Wilkins a bona fide star in the NBA. Fans in Atlanta have never loved a basketball player as much as they loved Wilkins. The team may lose the game, but in an era of nascent cable sports coverage, Wilkins was your nightly highlight reel. So dependable were his highlight dunks, that he became the Human Highlight Film.

Roll the ball out on the court and watch the showmanship ensue.

A singular talent…

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