ProHoopsHistory HOF: Shawn Kemp

Pro Hoops History

Few players have driven fans to a frenzy in the way Shawn Kemp was able to.

His soaring dunks were the stuff of legend… if we still told legends. But imagine if we did. Imagine telling some 12-year old today about a slender 6’10” power forward fresh from a junior college. This 19-year old scrawny forward galloped around the floor and didn’t quite seem in his element. Well, until he got his hands on the ball and began rising for slam dunks.

As time went on the the somewhat un-coordinated player got his legs beneath him in more facets of the game. He became a better defender, a better rebounder, a better shooter, but all the while maintained his salacious slamming ability. But, he had indeed become a better player, a player worthy of legend.

For as mythical as Shawn Kemp’s dunks were, that alone isn’t worthy of being a…

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