The LA Marathon in Context

28th Los Angeles Marathon

Today marks the 28th Los Angeles Marathon.  Here’s 10 Factoids to put it in context.

(1) Stems From Success of 1984 Olympic Marathon

The present-day Los Angeles Marathon stems from the success of the marathon at the 1984 Olympics.  That was the first Olympics to include a women’s marathon won by Mainer Joan Benoit whose time has yet to be matched in Olympic history.

(2) Los Angeles Will Host the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials

The U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials will be February 13, 2016 in Los Angeles.  No American runner has won a gold  in marathon since Benoit, and the only medals since then came at the 2004 Athens game when Californians Meb Kefezighi and Deena Kastor won the Men’s Silver and Woman’s Bronze .

(3) The Course

(4) Race Overview

(5) World’s 10th Largest Marathon in 2013


(6)  7th Largest in U.S.


(7), (8) and (9) Relatively Slow and Difficult Course, with Moderate Temperatures




(10)  Past Highlights and Winners

2013 Results March 17, 2013
Open Kenya Erick Mose 2:09:43 Belarus Aleksandra Duliba 2:25:39 [4]
Masters France Abderrahmane Djemadi (42) 2:37:07 United States Deena Kastor (40) 2:32:39
Wheelchair United States Krige Schabort 1:30:50 United States Susannah Scaroni 1:54:39

2012 Results March 18, 2012
Open Kenya Simon Njoroge 2:12:12 Ethiopia Fatuma Sado 2:25:39 [5]
Masters United States Nicholas Bowden (40) 2:38:26 Ukraine Tetyana Mezentseva (40) 2:31:20
Wheelchair United States Krige Schabort 1:39:53 United States Shirley Reilly 1:57:09


2011 Results March 20, 2011
Open Ethiopia Markos Geneti 2:06:35 Ethiopia Buzunesh Deba 2:26:34
Masters Mexico Juan Jose Ortiz Jauregui (44) 2:44:10 Russia Svetlana Ponomarenko (41) 2:38:56
Wheelchair South Africa Krige Schabort 1:33:15 United States Shirley Reilly 1:57:25


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