Will UConn Repeat 2004 Double Win?

Will UConn Repeat 2004 Double Win?

If the UConn women’s basketball team beats Stanford today, it will be only the fourth time a school has reached both the men’s and women’s finals.

Only one team, however, has won both and that too was UConn exactly 10 years ago today.  On that day the women’s team beat Tennessee 70-61 in New Orleans arena to match the men’s team’s 82-74 victory over Georgia Tech the night before.

The day is also the anniversary of the 2010 UConn women’s team winning completing its second perfect season by beating – you guested right – Stanford 52-47.

The teams to make it to the finals in both men’s and women’s basketball are below.  Note in each of these, UConn came home with one of the trophies.

Duke (1999)

  • Men lost to Connecticut 77-74
  • Women lost to Purdue 62-45

UConn (2004)

  • Men beat Georgia Tech 82-74

  • Women beat Tennessee 70-61

Louisville (2013)

  • Men defeated Michigan State 82-76 in Finals.
  • Women lost to Connecticut 93-60 in Finals




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