Lakers: Putting an Awful Season in Context

Lakers: Putting an Awful Season in Context

At 27-55, the 2013-2014 Laker team was its worst since moving to Los Angeles.  The Minneapolis Lakers actually went 19-53 and 25-50 in two of its last three years in Minnesota.

A couple of key stats for  the year:

  • 313 games lost to injury – tops in the NBA.  Denver (264), Milwaukee (263), Golden State (220) and Philadelphia (215) rounded out the top 5.  The Laker number falls far short of the record held by the 2002-2003 Toronto Raptors at 519.   But when your core lineup includes Nash (40), Bryant (35) and Gasol (33) isn’t that to be expected?
  • 109.2 points per game allowed.  The second worst in the NBA and only barely as the lowly 76ers allowed 109.9 points per game.
  • 9 games lost by 25 or more points, including a 48-point blowout loss to the Clippers (the worst in team history).

All this led to the Lakers’:

  • Worst Season Ever*
  • Only Second 50-loss season*
  • 8th Losing Season*
  • 5th Time Missing the Playoffs*

*Since moving to Los Angeles.

It is also

  • The first time ever that the Lakers were last among all California teams (Golden State Warriors, San Diego-Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings).   In 2004-2005, the Lakers and Warriors were tied for last among the California teams.  All total, the Warriors have only had more wins than the Lakers on eight (8) occasions, the Clippers six (6) and the Kings four (4) .
  • Only the second time ever that both the Lakers and Boston Celtics missed the playoffs
    Both teams missed the playoffs twenty years earlier in 1994.


Season Team W L ▴ W-L% Finish Playoffs Coaches
2013-14 Los Angeles Lakers 27 55 .329 5 M. D’Antoni (27-55)
1974-75 Los Angeles Lakers 30 52 .366 5 B. Sharman (30-52)
1993-94 Los Angeles Lakers 33 49 .402 5 R. Pfund (27-37), B. Bertka (1-1), M. Johnson (5-11)
2004-05 Los Angeles Lakers 34 48 .415 4 R. Tomjanovich (24-19), F. Hamblen (10-29)
1966-67 Los Angeles Lakers* 36 45 .444 3 Lost Western Division Semifinals F. Schaus (36-45)
1960-61 Los Angeles Lakers* 36 43 .456 2 Lost Western Division Finals F. Schaus (36-43)
1992-93 Los Angeles Lakers* 39 43 .476 5 Lost Western Conference First Round R. Pfund (39-43)
1975-76 Los Angeles Lakers 40 42 .488 4 B. Sharman (40-42)
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Generated 4/20/2014.

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