Sept 8, 2002: Sampras’ Grand Finale

 Sampras Wins US Open in Final Match

In the final match of his career, Pete Sampras won what was then a record 14th Grand Slam Men’s Singles Title beating rival Andre Agassi to take the 2002 US Open.  Sampras had defeated Agassi in the 2001 quarterfinals in an epic 6–7, 7–6, 7–6, 7–6 match in which there were no breaks of serve the entire match.

Roger Federer has since surpassed Sampras with 17 Grand Slam wins and counting.  Margaret Court still ranks above both men with 24 titles. 


From Tennis Hall of Fame

Driven by very powerful private engines to reach the summit in the world of tennis, Pete Sampras possessed one of the most formidable arsenals in the history of the game. An overwhelmingly effective serve-and-volleyer, no one could surpass his first-and-second-serve combination. Moreover, his running forehand was a trademark shot feared by every rival. Ranked No. 1 in the world for six consecutive years, he won 14 of 18 major finals. In the last official tennis match of his illustrious career, Sampras defeated rival Andre Agassi in the final of the 2002 US Open.





From Wikipedia:

CAREER RECORD 762–222 (77.43%)

Grand Slam Performance Timeline

Tournament 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 SR W–L Win %
Grand Slams
Australian Open   1R 4R     SF W F 3R W QF   SF 4R 4R 2 / 11 45–9 83.33%
French Open   2R   2R QF QF QF 1R SF 3R 2R 2R 1R 2R 1R 0 / 13 24–13 64.86%
Wimbledon   1R 1R 2R SF W W W QF W W W W 4R 2R 7 / 14 63–7 90%
US Open 1R 4R W QF F W 4R W W 4R SF   F F W 5 / 14 71–9 88.75%
Win–Loss 0–1 4–4 10–2 6–3 15–3 23–2 21–2 20–2 18–3 19–2 17–3 8–1 18–3 13–4 11–3 14 / 52 203–38 84.23%


  • These records were attained in Open Era of tennis.
  • Records in bold indicate peer-less achievements.
  • ^ Denotes consecutive streak.
Championship Years Record accomplished Player tied
Grand Slam 1995–2000 8 consecutive finals appearances won Stands alone
Grand Slam 1992–2002 11 consecutive years reaching 1+ final Ivan Lendl
Grand Slam 1990–2002 5+ titles at 2 different Majors Björn Borg
Roger Federer
Wimbledon 1993–2000 7 titles overall Roger Federer
US Open 1990–2002 5 titles overall Jimmy Connors
Roger Federer^
US Open 1990–2002 8 finals overall Ivan Lendl^
US Open 1990 Youngest US Open champion Stands alone
Year–End No. 1 1993–1998 6 years Stands alone

Professional Awards

Other achievements

  • Sampras (1997–2000) won four consecutive Wimbledon singles titles, second only to Borg and Federer (who have five consecutive titles each).
  • During the Open Era, only Borg (1978–81 French Open and 1976–80 Wimbledon), Sampras (1997–2000 Wimbledon), Federer (2003–07 Wimbledon and 2004–08 US Open), and Rafael Nadal (2005–08 French Open and 2010-2014 French Open) have won at least one Grand Slam tournament four consecutive times.
  • Ken Rosewall and Sampras are the only men to have won Grand Slam singles titles as a teenager, in their 20s, and in their 30s.
  • Sampras won 40 of the 42 singles matches he played on Wimbledon’s Centre Court and 63 of the 70 singles matches he played at the All England Club.
  • Sampras is the only male player during the Open Era who played in at least seven singles finals at two different Grand Slam tournaments (8 US Open and 7 Wimbledon).

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