From SoCal to the Beltway: Six Potential Regional World Series Match Ups


Since the start of division play in baseball in 1969, there have been 29 possibilities of a regional or intra-state World Series with only 6 coming to fruition.  This year alone there could be 6 possibilities (ranked in order of past occurrence).  Of the group, however, only the Angels, Orioles, Dodgers and Nationals have clinched playoff appearances.

Oakland A’s (84-70) v. Los Angeles Dodgers (88-67)


365.03 miles

Both in Playoffs – 1974, 1981, 1988, 2006, 2013

World Series: 1974 (A’s won 4-1), 1988 (Dodgers won 4-1)

The highlight of the two series is Kurt Gibson’s historic Game 1 walk off home run to stun the heavily favored A’s.

Oakland A’s (84-70) v. San Francisco Giants (84-69)

1AA16.98 miles

Both in Playoffs – 1971, 1989, 2000, 2003, 2013

World Series: 1989 (A’s won 4-0)

The highlight of this series was the LomaPrieta earthquake that struck at the start of Game 3.  The quake which measured 6.9 of the Richter Scale and caused part of the upper deck of the Bay Bridge to collapse.  The series would not resume for another 10 days.

Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels (95-59) v. Los Angeles Dodgers (88-67)


31.43 Miles

Both in Playoffs: 2004, 2008, 2009

The closest they have come was in 2009 when both teams made it to the league championship series.  The Dodgers won the regular season series between the teams this year.

Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels (95-59) v. San Francisco Giants (84-69)


408.37 miles

Both in Playoffs – 2002

World Series: 2002 (Angels won 4-3)

The Giants were eight outs away from winning the series and held a five run lead in Game 6, but the Angels came back to force a Game 7.

Kansas City Royals (83-70) v. St. Louis Cardinals (86-68)


242.62 miles

Both in Playoffs – 1985

World Series: 1985 (Royals 4-3)

The Royals won their only World Series thanks to one of the most controversial calls in World Series history.  A safe call at first in the 9th inning of Game 6 fueled a Royals rally that forced a Game 7.

Baltimore Orioles (92-61) v. Washington Nationals (89-64)


38.19 Miles

Both in Playoffs: 2012

The two teams have no World Series since the Expos-Nationals franchise has never won a pennant.  This is a peculiar rivalry since for many years Washington fans adopted the Orioles, but Orioles’ owner Peter Angelos created bad blood with Washington fans by attempting to block the Expos’ move to Washington and relenting only after the league gave the TV rights to the Natonals to the Orioles network.

The Orioles won the 2014 series between the teams.


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