Pats Haters – Get an Effin Clue

Pats Haters – Get an Effin’ Clue

Friday I read about former Miami Dolphin Head Coach Don Shula referring to Patriot Head Coach Bill Belichick as “Beli-cheat”.  This happens on the same day when one of the hosts of the ESPN-LA Mason & Ireland radio show (who happens to be a Bronco fan) questioned whether the Patriot’s failure to win a Super Bowl since the so-called “Spy-Gate” controversy was due to karma.

Both the octogenarian coach and ESPN sportscaster have no f—ing clue about what they are talking about.

Karma?  Really?

That must be why:

  • they have been so dominant the past 7 years;
  • why the combination of Coach Belichick and Quarterback Tom Brady has the most wins of any Coach-QB combo – more than even Shula and Dan Marino; or
  • why the Belichick-Brady combo has the most playoff wins of any Coach-QB combo.

Coach Shula – was Coach Belichick cheating when he made your Dolphins look like a Pop Warner team when they won 41-13 during Week 15?

Or are you still bitter over the Patriots beating you in your next-to-last AFC Championship game?

Consider the questions below, which you would think an NFL insider would be keenly aware of — except for Patriot haters.

Question:  In The Last 7 Years What NFL Team Has The Best Record?

Answer:  The New England Patriots

New England Patriots 84 28 0
Green Bay Packers 73 38 1
Baltimore Ravens 72 40 0
Pittsburgh Steelers 72 40 0
Indianapolis Colts 71 41 0

As you can see from the table above, it’s not even close.  In fact, if the Patriots continued at this same pace going forward:

  • it would not be until the middle of the 2019 season before the Pats lost the same amount of games the Broncos lost during this period; and
  • the middle of the 2022 season before its losses equaled that of the Dolphins during this period.

Question:  How Many Teams Have Been To Three Conference Championships During this Period?

Answer:  Only three – the Baltimore Ravens, the San Francisco 49ers and, yes, the New England Patriots.

Question:  How Many NFL Teams Have Won 10 or More Games Every Season Post 2007?

Answer:  Just one – the New England Patriots.

Of course, Coach Shula’s beloved Dolphins only won ten or more games once during this period.

Question: How Many Coaches Have Won More Super Bowls Than Bill Belichick

Answer:  Just one – the late-great Pittsburgh Steelers’ Head Coach Chuck Knoll.

Question: Where Does Belichick Rank All-Time for Playoff Wins

Answer:  With a win over the Ravens today, Coach Belichick will move ahead of Don Shula and tie Tom Landry for most playoff wins – even though Landry and Shula coached 7 more games.

Bonus Question: What Super Bowl Coach(es) Has Lost the Most Super Bowls and/or NFL Title Games

Answer:  Don Shula and Tom Landry have both lost a combined 5 Super Bowl and NFL Title Games, although Shula is tied with Bud Grant, Marv Levy and Dan Reeves for most Super Bowl losses with 4.

So to Coach Belichick and Patriot Nation, I offer the following advice from Taylor Swift.


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