Now is the Patriots’ Chance to Silence Haters

Now is Patriots’ Chance to Silence Haters

It has been an ugly few weeks as Patriot haters have been in full bloom.

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Shula and Karmagate.  Before the AFC Championship game, former Miami Dolphin Head Coach Don Shula referred to Patriot Head Coach Bill Belichick, who had just surpassed him for career playoff wins, as “Beli-cheat”.  Then one of the hosts of the ESPN-LA Mason & Ireland radio show (who happens to be a Bronco fan) questioned whether the Patriot’s failure to win a Super Bowl since the so-called “Spy-Gate” controversy was due to karma.

As outlined in my prior post, this an idiotic statement, since no team in the NFL has been as dominant post-Spygate than the Patriots.  Also, there is no evidence that the Patriots even benefited from “Spygate”.

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Tuck Diss.  You also had retired Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis suggesting that Tom Brady owes his legacy entirely to the “Tuck Rule” from the famous Snow Bowl game.  Had the rule not been invoked and a fumble called instead, the Raiders would have won the game and the Patriots would not win the Super Bowl that year.

Of course, this ignores the fact that Brady had taken over for Drew Bledsoe and won 8 of his first 11 starts..  He was going to be the future of the Patriots and en route to the Hall of Fame either way.

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Deflategate.   Once the allegations over the deflation of the ball during the AFC Championship were made by an Indianapolis reporter, the haters had a party even though a prominent Colt said it was a non-story.   When Tom Brady and Coach Belichick denied any wrongdoing they were crucified in the media.

  • Troy Aikman immediately concluded it was “obvious” that Brady and Belichick were involved and could not have happened without them.
  • ESPN’s Steve Mason declares that the Patriot’s “would lie about what they had for breakfast.”
  • Many others said it would be obvious to anyone whether the ball was not properly inflated..

Enter Patriot owner Robert Kraft to stand up to the haters and backup his Hall of Fame duo.

Everyone ridiculed Coach Belichick when he suggested weather conditions might explain it.  Hey, guess what?

And guess what else – its not obvious which balls are under-inflated.

We’ve heard enough about deflategate and any other footballgate.  Let’s decide this on the field.  For New England this is a big opportunity to silence the haters at least until next year.


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