Feb-9: Magic Returns and Barry’s Torching Threes


It was the first year of the three-point shot and the last year of Rick Barry’s career.  The sharp shooting Barry hit  8 baskets for the Houston Rockets – all from behind the 3 point line in a 117-95 victory over Utah.  With this record setting performance, Barry finished second in the NBA that year with 73 (the Clippers Brian Taylor finished first with 90).

Barry’s record stood until April 20, 1990 when Dale Ellis hit 9 three-balls.  The Lakers Kobe Bryant set the current record of 12 in 2003, which Donyell Marshall tied in 2005 for Toronto.


The NBA, if not most sports fans, collectively wept the day in 1991 when Magic Johnson announced his retirement due to his contracting the HIV virus.  A few months later, the league joyfully welcomed him back in an emotional All Star game (fittingly in Orlando) where Magic stole the show with 25 points and 9 assists.

As the Orlando Sentinel reports, after he hit his third consecutive three-pointer late in the final quarter,

Stars from the Western and Eastern conferences stopped playing to pay homage to Magic, rushing to embrace him.

As Magic would say later, it was “the game called on account of hugs.”


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