US Shocks #1 Germany, Media Responds U-S-Meh

US Shocks #1 Germany, Media Responds U-S-Meh

US Stuns #1 Germany in Cologne

Yesterday, the U.S:

  • beat the defending World Cup champions
  • the #1 FIFA ranked team in the World
  • on their home turf (for the first time)
  • days after a dramatic come-from-behind victory over #6 Netherlands in Amsterdam.

Granted this was merely a friendly exhibition match, but it still is a pretty big day for U.S. soccer.

It was not, however, the first time the USMNT beat the #1 team, as in 2009 they beat future World Cup Champion Spain – ending their 35-game unbeaten streak.

You would think the media reaction would be a euphoric U-S-A, U-S-A!  Not so, more like U-S-Meh.

The Los Angeles Times relegated it to the back page of the Sports Section, preferring instead a “major expose” on baseball players flipping their bats.  Later, while listening to the often entertaining and occasionally insightful Max and Marcellus on LA’s ESPN radio station, Max Kellerman was dismissive of a caller who talked aboutt the U.S. win, wanting to instead to talk about “American sports”.

Pretty stupid for a Columbia grad, since:

  • 4.2 million Americans play soccer;
  • ESPN airs Major League Soccer games;
  • LA is home to one of the most successful MLS teams, the Los Angeles Galaxy, whose average attendance exceeds that of the Lakers, Clippers and Kings;
  • LA also is home to one of the most successful college programs in UCLA with 5 trips to the Championship Game in 25 years – winning 3;
  • LA has a huge soccer fan base, as demonstrated by the 86,432 who turned out to see the hometown Galaxy play Manchester United last year.

This nonsense, along with the station’s refusal to recognize that LA has two NBA teams and their Patriot bashing are reasons why I am no longer a regular listener.


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