How can the U.S. beat Germany then struggle against Haiti and Panama?


Infantry facing archers get picked off from distance, never getting close enough to pose a threat. But when those same archers face a cavalry, their falling arrows can be evaded by horses, allowing the cavalry to reach archers who struggle in hand-to-hand combat. And yet when that cavalry gallops upon an infantry, the troops on the ground have more control over their bodies and weapons.

Archers beat infantry; cavalry beats archers; infantry beats cavalry. How does anyone conquer the world? No one approach is enough. You need an array of options, and you need to know when to use them.

In true U.S. soccer fan fashion, we get so stoked when we tear apart Germany on the road — world domination here we come!! — then we want to throw the remote through the wall when we tie Panama at home. We’re left asking: How does a team that gets results at Germany and against the Dutch struggle with Panama and Haiti? How does a…

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