10-25: Epic Fails (Wrong Way Touchdown and ’86 Red Sox)

10-25: Epic Fails


Wrong Way Marshall’s Fumble Return

Up 27-17 against the San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Viking defensive end Jim Marshall picked up a fumble and runs 60-yards . . . the wrong way!  What Marshall thought was a touchdown, ended up being a safety.  Fortunately, the Vikings still won 27-22.  There is some speculation that this play has kept the two-time Pro Bowler out of the Hall of Fame with fellow “Purple People Eaters” Alan Page and Carl Eller.


Red Sox Blow Game 6

It is THE epic fail in modern baseball.  Up 5-3 in the bottom of the 10th inning, the Red Sox were one out, even one strike, away from winning the World Series and it ended with the Mets winning the game as Mookie Wilson’s ground ball rolled through Bill Buckner’s legs.

But Bill Buckner has been unfairly blamed for this collapse, as there are other more worthy goats.

Sox 5

  • John McNamara – the Red Sox manager made numerous blunders in this game alone that included: (i) taking Roger Clemens out after seven innings; (ii) selecting little used Mike Greenwell (4 RBI’s all year) to pinch hit with a runner in scoring position in the 8th and not regular designated hitter Don Baylor (94 RBI’s); and (iii) not replacing the hobbled Buckner for defensive reasons as he had on many occasions before.
  • Calvin Schiraldi – the relief pitcher charged with all three runs in the 10th innings and gave up three runs on 1/3rd of an inning pitched in Game 7 – including the winning run.  His ERA for Games 6 and 7 is 21.00.
  • Bob Stanley/Rich Gedman – but for the passed ball or wild pitch that scored the tying run and moved Ray Knight to second, the Mets would not have scored on Mookie Wilson’s grounder.

Yes Buckner deserves some blame for Game 6, but he came back and had a solid Game 7, more than some players can say.


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