Dave Cowens

Pro Hoops History

Born: October 25, 1948
Position: Center
Professional Career:
Boston Celtics (NBA): 1970-’80
Milwaukee Bucks (NBA): 1982-’83

With so many great players and Hall of Famers, the following sentence may apply to a bushel of players, but, here it goes…

Dave Cowens may be the overlooked Celtics legend.

Yes, other guys like Satch Sanders, Sam Jones, Bill Sharman, Jo Jo White, and others get the overlooked treatment, but Cowens is one of just four Celtics to win an MVP award as a Celtic. Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, and Larry Bird are the others. Cowens, however, doesn’t ever seem to demand the kind of historical attention those other three command.

This is a strange turn of events given that Cowens demanded and commanded all kinds of attention while he played. How could you ignore the firebrand who yelled and wailed at horrendous referee calls that he considered crimes against humanity? (Famously Cowens…

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