Trophy Lives Gets a Trophy

We are thrilled to report that at last night’s 58th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards, Trophy Lives won Second Prize in the Individual Blog Category.  Thank you to the Los Angeles Press Club for the honor.

I submitted the following posts to the LA Press Club for consideration:

RESTORATION Royal Restoration: KC World Series Win in a Tale of Two Cities
god  Elite 8 Flashback: The Palm Sunday When God Had the Ball With 9 Seconds Left
giffffr (8)  New England Sports Fans’ Embarrassment of Riches

The last post was inspired by my friend Ahh Be’s comments in the waning moments of Super Bowl 49 that “you know, we really don’t have to win.”   So thanks again to Ahh Be.

This is my 5th Second Prize over the last 11 years along with three First Prize wins.  Trophy Lives was launched in 2013 and this is the first year I submitted it for consideration in this relatively new category.

Congratulations to Joel Epstein at Huffington Post for Mermaid Avenue for winning First Prize and Jaci Stephens for LA Not So Confidential for placing third.



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