Chargers to Bolt for LA: A History in Numbers






The Chargers won the 1963 AFL title beating the Boston Patriots 51-10.

It is also the number of AFC titles they won, as they beat the Steelers 17-13 in the 1995 AFC Championship.


Winning Percentage Against the Packers

The Chargers were 1-10 against Green Bay, their worst percentage against any team.


Teams Without a Super Bowl Trophy

The Chargers are one of nine teams to appear in the Super Bowl without winning, while Cleveland, Detroit, Houston and Jacksonville have never appeared.


Division Titles

The Chargers won their division in 1960, 1961, 1963-1965, 1979-1981, 1992, 19194, 204, 2006-2009.


Road Winning Percentage Against Washington and Pittsburgh

The Chargers worst road records were 1-5 and 3-15 against the Redskins and Steelers respectively.


Franchise Winning Percentage Rank

The Chargers are 426-431-11 as a franchise with a .497 win percentage.


Margin of Loss in Super Bowl XXIX

The Chargers fell behind Steve Young and the 49ers 42-10, before losing 49-26 in their sole Super Bowl appearance.


Franchise Playoff Winning Percentage Rank

The Chargers are 11-17 in the post-season with a .393 win percentage.  Only Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City and Cincinnati have a worse record.


Victories Against Chiefs

This was the Chargers most wins against any one NFL team.  The Chargers were 48-54 against their AFL rival.


Losses Against the Broncos

This was the Chargers most losses against any one NFL team.  The Chargers were 41-61-1 against their AFL rival.


Winning Percentage Against the Texans

The Chargers were 5-1 against the Texans – their best percentage among their opponents.


Home Winning Percentage Against Detroit and Jacksonville

The Chargers were 5-0 and 4-0 against the Lions and Jaguars.



Retired Numbers

Dan Fouts (14), Lance Alworth (19), LaDanian Tomlinson (21) and Junior Seau (55).  Ron Mix (74) had been retired but it was unretired after his conviction for tax fraud.


Hall of Famers

Number of Charger Hall of Famers

  • Charlie Joiner (1976-1986)
  • Dan Fouts (1973-1987)
  • David (Deacon) Jones (1972-1973)
  • Fred Dean (1975-1981)
  • John Mackey (1972)
  • Johnny Unitas (1973)
  • Kellen Winslow (1979-1987)
  • Lance Alworth (1962-1970)
  • Larry Little (1967-1968)
  • Ron Mix (1960-1969)
  • Sid Gillman (1960-1969, 1971)
  • Junior Seau (1990-2002)


Most Career Points

Kicker John Carney edges LaDanian Tomlinson who has 918.


Most Career Receiving Yards

Antonio Gates who surpassed Lance Alworth (9,584) and Charlie Joiner (9,203).


Most Career Rushing Yards


LaDanian Tomlinson and nobody else is even close.


Most Career Passing Yards

Phil Rivers passing yardage.  Dan Fouts is second with 43,040.



Most Franchise Playoff Wins


Don Coryell (3-4), Bobby Ross (3-3) and Norm Turner (3-3).


Coaches Lasting 5 or More Years

Sid Gillman (1960-1969, 1971), Tommy Protho (1974-1979), Don Coryell (1978-1986), Bobby Ross (1992-1996), Marty Schottenheimer (2002-2006), Norv Turner (2007-2012)


Most Franchise Regular Season Wins

Sid Gilliam was 86-53-6 (.610) with the Chargers from 1960-69 and 1971.



Fan Base Rank

Rank of Chargers fans’ in Emory University ranking of NFL fan bases.

19 and 32

Attendance Rank

Rank of Chargers’ home attendance in 2015 and 2016.


Arrests Per Game  (2011-2015)

Washington Post report found that the Chargers had the most arrests of any team, ahead of second place New York Giants (22.5).  In contrast, the Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears had an average under 1 per game.

That’s a far cry from the teams that had the fewest fan arrests, such as the Seahawks, Buccaneers and Bears, which all saw an average of .8 arrests.



Rank among Best Stadiums

USA Today survey explained that Qualcomm Stadium was

“A dump” without any “panache” full of “apathetic” fans who “won’t give two shakes of a rat’s tail” if the team “moves to Los Angeles” is how Qualcomm was described to me by a San Diego resident who probably “reviews for Zagat’s.” But evidently it’s easy to get to and to leave, which makes it leaps and bounds better than the next stadium on our list.


Oldest Stadium in NFL

The stadium was built in 1967.  Only Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Soldier Field, Lambeau Field, and Oakland Alameda Coliseum are older.


Largest Stadium in NFL

Qualcomm capacity of 70,561 is in the middle of the pack.



Valuation Rank Among NFL Teams

Forbes list the Chargers value at $2.08B.  They are tied for 20th in revenue with Jacksonville at $344M.


Largest Media Market

Only Tennessee, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Bufalo and Green Bay are smaller.


Average Ticket Price

Only Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville and Kansas City were less.


Relocation Fee in Millions

Expected relocation fee for move.

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