Victorious Patriots Now Own Approximately 90 Super Bowl Records

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Remember all the naysayers after Week 3 when the Patriots fell to 1-2 after back-back-back losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars (31-20) and Detroit Lions (26-10), well they were pretty quiet Sunday as the Patriots defense made it possible for its legendary quarterback to win their sixth Super Bowl.

Here is a remarkable stat, the Patriots had 154 rushing yards in Super Bowl LIII, while the Patriots’ defense gave up only 102 yards — in the ENTIRE playoffs.

The Patriots collectively or individually now own or share approximately 90 Super Bowl records, some of them are detailed below.

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Patriot Coach Bill Belichick

  • Most games coached – 9
  • Most wins as coach – 6
  • Oldest head coaching win – 66
  • Most appearances as player or coach – 12

Nobody else comes close.  Belichick has won as many Super Bowls as Don Shula, the prior leader in total appearances, has total Super Bowls.  Shula is 2-4 in six Super Bowl appearances.

Of course, this does not include Belichick’s two Super Bowls as defensive coordinator for the Giants in 1986-87 (39-20 win over Denver) and 1990-91 (20-19 win over Buffalo).

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Quarterback Tom Brady

  • Oldest quarterback – 41
  • Most games played – 9
    (Mike Lodish, Don Beebe and Stephen Gostkowski are closest with 6)
  • Most wins – 6
    (Former 49er and Cowboy Charles Haley had 5)
  • Most Super Bowl MVPs – 4
  • Most passes completed game – 43 (vs. Falcons)
  • Most passing yards game – 505 (vs. Eagles 2018)
  • Most passing attempts without an interception – 48 (vs. Giants 2008 and Eagles 2018)

Brady also owns most passing career records.

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Running Back James White

  • Most touchdowns in a game – 3 (vs Falcons) (tied with 4 others)
  • Most points in a game – 20 (vs Falcons)
  • Most receptions in a game – 14 (vs Falcons)
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Kickers Stephen Gostkowski and Adam Vinatieri

  • Most field goals made career – 7 (Gostkowski and Vinatieri are tied, although 3 of Vinatieri’s FGs are with the Colts)
  • Most PATs career – 13 Vinatieri (11 with Patriots), 12 Gostkowski
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Team Records

  • Most team appearances: 11
    (Broncos, Cowboys and Steelers are second with 8)
  • Most wins: 6 (tied with Steelers)
  • Most losses: 6 (tied with Broncos)
  • Most yards: 613 (vs. Eagles 2018)
  • Most passing yards: 442 (vs. Falcons)
  • Most passes completed: 43 (vs. Falcons)
  • Most first downs: 37 (vs. Falcons)
  • Most passing first downs: 26 (vs. Falcons)
  • Most two-point conversions: 2 (vs. Falcons)
  • Fewest turnovers: 0 (vs. St. Louis Rams) (tied with 19 teams)
  • Fewest fumbles, game: 0 by four Patriots teams (tied with 22 teams)
  • Fewest times sacked: 0 (vs Panthers) (tied with 12 teams)
  • Fewest kick returns allowed: 0 (vs. Seahawks)
  • Fewest kick return yards allowed: 0 (vs. Seahawks)
  • Most points scored in a first quarter: 14 (vs. Packers)
  • Fewest points allowed: 3 (vs. Los Angeles Rams)
  • Fewest touchdowns allowed: 0 vs. Los Angeles Rams)

If the Patriots return to the Super Bowl next season, they will tie the Buffalo Bills record of 4 consecutive appearances.

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There are also a handful of infamous records stemming from the Patriots Super Bowl debut trouncing by the Bears.  This includes:

  • Most times sacked: 7 (tied with two teams)
  • Most rushing touchdowns allowed: 4
  • Fewest rushing yards: 7
  • Lowest yards per carry average, game: 0.64
  • Most points allowed in a third quarter: 21

Eleven Super Bowls


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