Mar 23-2007: Kobe Notches 4th Straight 50 Pt (or more) Game

Mar 23-07: Kobe’s 4th 50+ Game in a Row

On March 15, 2007, the Lakers lost their 7th straight game and 13th of their last 16 games falling to a 33-32 record.   Determined to make the playoffs, Kobe Bryant then carried the team through a 5 game winning streak that helped the Lakers tie for the last playoff spot that year.

From March 16-23, 2007, Kobe Bryant became only the second player in NBA history to score 50 points or more for four consecutive games.  The streak ended on March 25, 2007 at the Staples Center when Kobe “only” scored 43 in the Lakers 115-113 win over Golden State.


Wilt Chamberlain is the only other player to do so, having had streaks of 7, 6 and 5 games over the 1961 and 1962 seasons.  Bryant has had 24 50-point or higher games which is the third most in NBA history behind Chamberlain (118) and Jordan (31).

Bleacher Report rated Kobe’s performance one the 10 Most Dominant performance stretches in NBA History.

I’m not sure we will ever see Wilt’s streak of seven consecutive 50-point games broken. Partly because the game is different now, but mostly because if anyone were to, it would have been Kobe in his prime.


Date Opp Result
  3/16 Blazers  Lakers
116-111 (OT)
Kobe Points Assists Reb
 65  3  7
FGs 3Pts Ft
  23-39  8-12  11-12


Date Opp Result
  3/18 Minnesota-Timberwolves  Lakers109-102
Kobe Points Assists Reb
50  3  6
FGs 3Pts Ft
  17-35  4-9 12-14

Date Opp Result
   3/22 grizzlies_logo   Lakers
Kobe Points Assists Reb
60  4  5
FGs 3Pts Ft
 20-37 3-7 17-18

Date Opp Result
  3/23 New-Orleans-Hornets-2 Lakers


Kobe Points Assists Reb
50  1 7
FGs 3Pts Ft
 20-37  2-5  16-16



Kobe ended the season with a league leading 31.6 points per game.  Despite carrying his team into the playoffs with this dominant stretch, Kobe only received 2 out of 129 first place votes for MVP and finished third to Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash.  He would win the award the following season.

MINS  36.2  35.3  40.8
PTS  24.6  18.6  31.6
ASSTS  3.4  11.6  5.4
REBS  8.9  3.5  5.7


 1.5  0.9  1.9
1st Place  83  44  2
Total Votes  1138  1013  521

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